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Mercredi, 25, 2009
Time and Space splitting

An interesting new theory of gravity by Petr Hořava is getting an enthusiastic reception. It seems it can explain some things better than general relativity. Furthermore it seems to have explanations for dark matter and dark energy. Would be nice if those ones are explained.


Lundi, 09, 2009
Spontaneous Evolution

Just listened to a speech by Bruce Lipton on human evolution, specifically human relation to the spiritual. He argues that we now enter into the deism phase. In the phase we no longer put matter at the center, but consciousness. But also the idea of community will be part of deism.

Basically this is quantum approach again. He boards the same quantum train. I did hear much new ideas. I guess I have to read his book to get some more depth. I like the evolutionary view in order to place it all in a larger perspective.

Mercredi, Octobre 28, 2009

I started thinking about things around Beyond, so I hope I will post some things in the future. I see already that I must update my categories stuff.

Jeudi, 09, 2006
Perceptions video
An interesting video with a bit of surprise ending. I like the beginning, makes one wonder.
Mardi, Juillet 11, 2006
The afterlife experiments

In this book by Gary Schwartz and William Simon a set of experiments is presented with mediums that can contact the afterlife. The author has defined a scientific protocol to execute these experiments. This protocol guards against possible fraud. The results are very interesting and show that it is possible to contact persons in the afterlife through mediums.

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Lundi, Juillet 10, 2006
Interview with Lawrence Kraus

Here is a nice interview with Lawrence Kraus on the zero point field. I get the impression that field is one one of the main engimas, which needs to be solved in the future.

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Lundi, Avril 03, 2006
Neural network entanglement

In Shift mar-may 2006 Dean Radin describes an experiment done in Italy which involved the neurons from human brains. It was shown that two batches of neurons would stay entangled even when they were separated and shielded. Excitation of own batch would invoke excitation of the other batch. Naturally all good precautions for shielding and reference batches were taken into account.

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Vendredi, Mars 31, 2006
What the Bleep

The movie What the Bleep is now available on Google Video. A very nicely done movie. I think this a great introduction to the subject, although I miss some things. And I am not sure what to think of the biological dimension in the movie.

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Aspects of Death and Dying

We listened to this speach by Stanislav Grof. A very interesting speach. He nicely reviewed the evidence for survival and altered states. This is one of the more interesting aspects which is researched. I guess that eventually the remaing issue is the why of it all. But the picture is get more clearer (and unclearer in some sense).

Vendredi, Mars 24, 2006
Action for the Future

we have been listening to a presentation by Deepak Chopra on healing. An interesting presentation. He is a good speaker and the lecture resonated well with us. He is able to create the link between poetry, ancient mysticism and modern science.

I have a little bit the feeling that the presentation is a bit dated. I missed some newest insight of which he is undoubtedly aware, so I would like to hear a newer presentation.

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Chopra, Deepak


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Mardi, Mars 21, 2006
Evolution of Consiousness

In this lecture Edgar Mitchell describes his ideas on consciousness. I think the lecture covered multiple days, so it covered a lot of ground. The lecture culminates in the ideas of the Quantum Hologram (QH). This QH is the basis of meny phenomena, which we do not yet understand, such as psi. It can aslo explain things as homeopathy. It has many similarities to Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field. The only thing where the theory fails is with question on survival. An interesting speach, but we like the articles better, they are more to the point.

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Lundi, Mars 20, 2006
The Conscious Universe

by Dean Radin

This book gives an overview of the scientific research into psi. As this is a contested subject information is given on the scientific methods and the criticisms of critics are analysed. The book is very interesting and clearly show that psi can be proven te exist. How to explain psi in terms of theory is however another matter. But that is where the psi researchers ar now moving into.

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Radin, Dean

A long time researcher of psi-related phenomena.

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Dimanche, Mars 19, 2006
Dr. Quantum’s little book of Big Ideas

By Fred Alan Wolf

This book describes the impact of quantum theory on life. He presents an interesting relationship with consciousness. The book has some very deep insights that requires some pondering. Guess have to read some of his other books.

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