IOS programming again

I started IOS programming again. I tried to pick-up where I left things 2 years ago. As I have the new IOS on my iPad, I needed to use Mavericks as well. So I created a second boot area, just for Mavericks. I was not yet prepared to go full ahead with Mavericks. I only run Safari and the Xcode stuff on Mavericks, and so far so good.

I now paid for an Apple Developer account, so I can test on my iPad. First to revive the apps i made two years ago. And remember how things did work.

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Zoals eerder gemeld zijn er momenteel niet al te veel klussen die we kunnen doen. En dan heb ik het met name over reparaties. Er is echter altijd wel iets te doen, zelfs in de winter: hout verzamelen voor de stook.

Waarschijnlijk hebben we al genoeg hout voor deze winter maar we kunnen al vast werken voor de volgende winter. En er is ook hout nodig voor de Ferme. Voor de Ferme rijden we naar het plateau en vullen de bak van de pickup met hout overbleven van de boskap. Er is zeer veel hout niet meegenomen, we kunnen er nog jaren mee vooruit. Helaas verrot het hout wel langzaam, dus hoe eerder we het halen, hoe beter. Vaak zijn het nog grote bomen, die ze blijkbaar niet goed genoeg vonden, dus moet er nog wel wat gezaagd worden.

Voor ons eigen gebruik halen we bomen uit het bos naast de cabanes. In dit bos staan veel dode bomen (al dan niet al omgevallen), die we in stukken zagen en naar boven slepen met pickup en kruiwagen. En dan kan ik aan de gang met de kloofhamer.

Voor de keuken verzamelen we kleine takken, die ik steeds met de hand zaagde. Met de hand zagen werkt echter alleen goed als het hout droog is. En dan kan ik niet veel doen in de winter en het is erg vermoeiend. Ik heb daarom een elektrische handzaag (scie elageuse) gekocht. Helaas was de batterij niet erg groot en is dus snel leeg. Kortom een tweede batterij geregeld. Als ik zo twee batterij leeg maak per dag, moet het lukken om aan het eind van het voorjaar klaar te zijn.

We doen een en ander stukje bij beetje, want het is vermoeiend werk. Maar in maart zijn we waarschijnlijk weer klaar voor de volgende winter.



This week-end I have been busy playing with images on the iPad. I wanted to u the iPad camera for detailed, macro like images. I was not happy with the results, the quality was not good enough for me. So I turned to my normal camera.


I have a dongle, which I can use with the iPad in order to import from an SD-card. That worked flawless.


Then I used iPhoto on the iPad to edit these photo’s. That worked great. I really like to edit images on the iPad.


Then I wants to use these images in Bento to add to a database there. However the image picker does not see the images edited in iPhoto. I see this really as a flaw. My solution was to export the edits photo’s back to the Camera Roll. Not a very nice solution as it doubles the space used. And I did not find a way to delete photo’s from iPhoto.


In Photos I wanted to add images to an album that I had imported from my iBook. I was not allowed. So albums are not really shared.


I might be a victim of my iCloud-less solution. Need to investigate this later. In any case working with and sharing images is to complex.


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I am not quite happy with my tweet solution. I am using Tweetbot on the iPad, and I am using YoruForuKou on my Mac. What I would like to see is that the read-status is transported between applications. That does not happen now, I have not yet found a solution for this.

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I have been looking for a scanning solution for the iPad. There are multiple solutions around, which make use of the camera. I tried JotNot Pro. It seems to work really well. However faster some usage the App becomes corrupt. When viewing a document, the menu-items to add a new scan, or to go back to the documents page are no longer there. In addition to this I have lost several scans of things that are now lost forever. So this app is not reliable enough. So I have to search for another one.

I tried Genius Scan, but that one was to simple. But for a free app I can not complain.

Now I am using Scanner Pro by Readdle. Seems like a good app that integrates with Evernote and Dropbox. I like the buttons to change brightness and switching from black/white to grayscale to color.

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Tracks on iPad

I am a fan of walking and have taken the habit of noting the route I took, the time it took, etc. I have an A+ iBlue GPS tracker, which I connect with my iBook in order to download the tracks. The A+ can record multiple days worthy of tracks, so I need to the select the day with data for my latest walk. I export this data then into a GPX-formatted file, which I load into Google Earth (GE). In GE I create a new track inspired by the GPX-file. Combining a map and a track gives a better record of the walk I did. The GPX-data is just not accurate enough. This new track is then exported as KMZ-file and uploaded to the Wikiloc-site. Data on this site will appear as a layer on GE. I might also load it as one of my maps in Google Maps. And finally I create a dedicated page on my website for this walk.

Can I do the same on the iPad?

Already the first step fails. I need to crack the iPad if I wanted to have it connect to the iBlue. So I must continue download the data on the iBook.

I did not find a suitable App to create a track. The GPX Creator App comes close. I only miss the possibility to show a GPX-file as a background layer. This App allows to export the track as GPX-file in Dropbox.

Uploading to Wikiloc is another matter. There is an iPhone-App for Wikiloc, but that does not support importing GPX-files, so can not upload something I created elsewhere. I have not yet found a way to upload a track to Wikiloc from my iPad.


Downloading tracks is another matter. I can download GPX-files with the MyMedia App and move them to Dropbox if I want. If I have a track in Google Maps, I can download to The Google Earth app.

Naturally there are other Apps that help working with tracks. Many of those take advantage of the GPS ability, which my iPad does not have. So can I partially use any of those Apps.

The Trails App comes closest to what I want. It can load GPX-files from Wikiloc. And it has the added advantage that it gives details of the track, contrary to GE.

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Filling the iPad

Now that we have an iPad we need to fill it with data. There are multiple possibilities depending on what you have lying around.

If you start afresh, you probably start with the iTunes-store to find music, videos, podcast, books, etc. these are more or less the accepted methods to get official data. Or take pictures with camera to fill your photo book.

However you have probably already a lot of data on your computer. So how to transfer the data from the computer to the iPad? I found and checked multiple Apps: iTunes, Mail, Evernote, Dropbox, Air Sharing, Google Drive and MyMedia. Let’s work backwards with then last app.

I hoped that MyMedia would let me download video’s from YouTube, but it did not. It might help you downloading stuff from the Internet, but I have not found where it could help me.

Google Drive allows me to see the documents I created with Google Docs. I can view the documents I created, which is neat. I can then download the spreadsheets as HTML-files, which seems totally useless. I find the app not very useful. Maybe It is more useful for other type of documents.

Air Sharing allowed me to connect to my iBook through Bonjour or FTP. I can traverse my entire hard disk and transfer any document to the iPad. Some documents can be viewed. But if I want to edit a document I need to export them to the appropriate app. And there I get into another problem.

Dropbox can achieve a similar solution as Air Sharing. However now I have more control. Documents get synced between the various platforms connect to the Dropbox-account. But I have to move to my computer to decide, which document I want to share. And with Dropbox a copy gets uploaded to the Dropbox-cloud as well. This is a drawback for very large Keynote-files. But I guess I must put those in the Apple-cloud.

Evernote takes an approach which is a bit different. I can put multiple types of documents into Evernote-notes, which get synchronized with all connected devices to the Evernote-cloud. This seems a neat solution for project-work where I want different document-types together. Still need to experiment a bit more with this though.

A very easy solution is to use Mail and send yourself the document as attachment. Hopefully the iPad recognizes the document-type and can transfer it to an appropriate app.

With the apps discussed above it turned out that I was not able to transfer my photos, videos and music to the appropriate iPad-apps. At least I did not discover a way. It seems iTunes is really necessary. Luckily I found an update for the version I had already installed and a version that supports the iPad. So I have a solution for various file types.

After researching various options I am a bit underwhelmed. There is not one solution. I really need to define what I need and find an appropriate solution, i.e. several apps that suite. So I will turn the question on its head and start with the file types.

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IPad printing

Printing on the iPad does not come out of the box unless you have a modern printer, which is AirPrint enabled. This is not the case with my HP5940. I have the printer connected to a HP print server.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem through the <a href=“”>Printopia</a> application. Once this runs on your Mac, the iPad sees the printer.

Unfortunately, it requires me to have a Mac running. Luckily the application still runs on my old iBook.

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iPad documents

Working with documents (text, presentations) turns out to be a totally different problem. I will discuss them one by one.



On my iBook I am using Mellel, Pages and TextEditor. Mellel does not have a counterpart on the iPad. I am using an old version of Pages (1.02). It turns out that I can not open these files on the iPad version of Pages. I need a more recent Mac-version to upgrade these files. I get sent Word-files from time to time. I can read these files in Mail and export them to Pages. I also get ODT-files, which I can not read.



I am using the Google Docs version to create my spreadsheets. It turns out that I can read the data in Numbers. However I lose all the graphic stuff.



I am only using Keynote to create presentations. I guess I have a problem with opening these files as well. Upgrade time. Also I get PowerPoint-files now and then. I assume Keynote can read these. I have no files to check this out at the moment.



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iPad blogging

I use MarsEdit to blog from my iBook and I have my personal installation of Expression Engine (EE). The latter supports the Metaweblog API.


I found an App that is specially geared for EE, however that is really for EE 2.1 or higher. And I am still on version 1. And for that version iExpression is not very good. So I headed for an alternative.


I found that one in Blogsy. I can setup multiple blogs for EE. I can edit posted blogs, etc.


I still have to figure Blogsy out a bit more, as I find it not quite natural yet.

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iPad recipes

The first trouble encountered is with the transfer of my recipes. I am using MacGourmet on my iBook. Luckily there is a version available on the iPad. However I can only transfer to the iBook by tethering with my iBook through iTunes. And that is just what I can not do. So I am stuck for the moment.


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iPad banking

The first iPad test is around banking. I have multiple bank accounts at multiple banks. Each bank can be accessed through the web (Safari), so no problem there. Each bank has also it’s own iPad app (Bankieren App for my Dutch ING bank accounts and Mon Budget for my French Credit Agricole bank accounts).

As far as I can see the Bankieren App works well and allows me to do the basic things. However I am not able to export my transactions, which I really want.

The Mon Budget is unclear. I have trouble synchronizing with their server. I tried multiple times, but no success as yet. So for the moment it’s is unusable.

Handling these bank accounts either through their Apps or their Websites present no problem. I can do what I want on my old iBook and iPad. It helps that the data is server-based.

To manage my different bank accounts I have been using the Mac application iCompta. This application has an iPad counterpart. As the data now resides on the Mac I have an additional synchronization worry. Luckily they have a solution. By storing the database on Dropbox, I can’t use the same database on the iBook and iPad.

The iCompta app works very nice on the iPad. The only thing I am missing is the import function. This implies that I will use the iPad only for consumption. The creation must still be done on the iBook.

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iPad experiences

Finally I got me an iPad. My computer is really getting old, so I need a replacement. I will try to use the iPad as a replacement, although I already now that some things can not be replaced. I guess I will have to use both computers and I might even buy something else to replace my 10-year old PowerPC-based iBook.

Some first impressions to start with. It really works very well and seems faster than my iBook. Not all the apps I use on the iBook have an iPad counterpart. Synchronizing between iBook and iPad is not really there yet. And working without the iPad tethering to iTunes has some problems.

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My first post from iExpression on the iPad.

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Chauffage iPad version

I started working on the iPad-version. It turns out to be much more work than I initially thought it would be. My detail view is quite complicated and requires a lot of dedicated TableCellViews. If I want to support landscape, I even need to double those. As many CellViews have TextFields in them, the delegate TextField method obtained a rather complex switch-statement (as some other methods as well).

Some issues that I encountered:

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